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As a camera operator, I am passionate about the craft and artistry of film-making. It is a privileged to work in the camera department, where all the work preceding the shoot is funnelled into the moment when we press record.

As an operator working for other Directors of Photography, I draw on the breadth and depth of experience that I have gained working across many different formats including documentary, commercials, short films and promos. I enjoy collaborating as part of a larger team, using my experience and skills to deliver the vision of the DoP and the Director.


I possess proficiency in capturing imagery across various digital cameras and formats, particularly favoring the Canon Cine and Red Cine cameras in my personal endeavors. With a rich background spanning over 12 years in the realm of documentary filmmaking, I have not only honed my technical skills but have also successfully undertaken the cinematography of numerous dramas. My passion for lighting is a driving force, and I excel when collaborating within a camera team under the guidance of another Director of Photography.

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